Copy Writing & Editing

Did you know?

People rarely read web pages word by word – in fact they scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences.

Research on how people read websites found that 79% of test users always scanned any new page they came across. Only 16% read word-by-word.

Therefore, the content of your website need to be structured in such a way to enable scanning. My Dental Marketing can help you write or edit your content to maximise the engagement of people visiting your website.

Page Level SEO

This is important so that all of your individual pages are optimised for Google.

  • Identify keywords your customers are currently using to find your products or services online.
  • Create website description for your website (incorporating these keywords) & integrate into your website
  • Integrate keywords & descriptions into selected pages of your website

Website Copy Editing

This is if you already have or can write text for your website.

We will take the text that you provide and modify this to make that copy more readable online. Website visitors tend to browse and skim through sites. Therefore we will take a look at your text and will:

  • Edit the content for your website
  • Modify text to be scannable and improve the readability.
  • Add calls to action
  • Add/ change headings and sub headings
  • Modify relevant text into bullet lists
  • Reorder some content to ensure the most important points are first (in sentences or section)
  • Improve the wording of some calls to action
  • Highlight key information


Website Content Creation (Copy Writing)

If you cannot create any website content yourself we can to create it from scratch. We will:

  • Carry out telephone consultation
  • Read and edit existing information provided to adapt for web
  • Liaise with administration team
  • Carry out product and competitor research
  • Apply web copy and SEO principles
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