A website is a reflection or extension of your physical business.

It represents you, your team and your mission. Your website should give your potential patients the same feelings and emotions that they would have walking into your office.

Potential patients want to see who you are and what your office looks like before they book an appointment.

Website photography website photography

Your brand, your philosophy and your dental style need to be conveyed in the first few seconds that a visitor spends on your website. Your web development team will take care of portraying your philosophy and branding but professional website photography makes a huge difference.

Details of images

Ideas of the images that could be included in a website photography package are as follows:

  • Head and shoulder portrait shots
  • Team shot
  • Location shots
  • Images of practice
  • Meeting with/assessing a patient (can be set-up fictitious patient)
  • Individual team portraits in their environment
  • Individual team portraits on consistent background (can be white wall or clean space with nice lines – depends on location)
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