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PAY Per Click (PPC) – Google Adwords

For fast results PPC marketing (such as Google Adwords) can help you to drive targeted visitors to your website quickly. This is good if you need to get clients quickly (i.e. you have a new practice or you have a quiet period in you business) or have a small marketing spend and cannot invest organic search optimisation.

The significant downside of PPC advertising is that you are paying for every click to your website, so the moment you cancel the campaign, the traffic stream stops.

At My Dental Marketing we follow a defined process for a Google AdWords campaign to ensure that we minimise client spend and maximise the Return on Investment (ROI).

Set Up AdWords & Google Analytics

Objective: Google Analytics is an excellent free analytics tool that provides very useful information about where your visitors came from, and what action they took (or didn’t take) on your website. Setup needs to be 100% accurate

Keyword research & Ad Groups

Objective: To identify what basket of keywords should be targeted to deliver the most relevant and cost effective traffic to your website. Ad group structure and settings are the foundation of any successful campaign.

Write multiple versions of ad copy

Objective: To write the most compelling ad copy with clear calls to action. The use of one word over another can have a big impact on click-through rates, quality scores and return on investment.

Ongoing bid management

Objective: To maximise return on investment and clicks to your website by adjusting keyword bid prices within the constraints of the daily budget. Competitor activity always changes and so should your bidding.

Split testing of ad copy

Objective: To find the most effective ad copy which maximises your return on investment? We achieve this by rotating two different ads, and selecting the better performing ad, and then repeating the process.

Review, report & refine strategy

Objective: To review the overall strategy, based on actual results achieved to date, in order to identify areas of improvement.
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