Dental Facebook Advertising Management

Facebook advertising

With its unique ability to target specific user demographics, advertising with Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to put ads for your dental practice in front of potential patients. The world’s most popular social network couples user interests and location to display an ad for your practice directly onto the newsfeed of those who may need dental treatment near you.

There are more than a billion people on Facebook, which means that setting up the right targeted ads can really help boost your dental practice. By using Facebook Advertising you can reach new and existing patients at the same time, enabling you to both acquire new patients, and retain existing patients.

Our Facebook Advertising Service

Our Facebook advertising service is a comprehensive package is designed to control your marketing overheads drive down costs and more importantly drive income. It allows you to benefit from our experienced team of Facebook marketing, dental graphic design and marketing experts.

How We Are Different

We are not just boosting your Facebook posts. Our marketing consultants develop a strategy for promotions to achieve your business goals. Your campaigns will contain strong calls to action, tracking and capture leads for you to follow up.

We will:

  • Discuss the areas you want to promote and where you want to build your practice.
  • Develop a 12-month promotion calendar using a combination of referral and retention campaigns.
  • We will provide 4 bespoke promotional campaigns per year.
  • Each campaign is linked to key products and services and is designed to deliver maximum return-on-investment.
  • For each campaign, we will
    • Create customised and effective text
    • Promotional graphics
    • Custom promotional landing pages configured into your website
    • Capture contact details allowing you to follow up

My Dental Marketing will set up and manage your Facebook advertising on an ongoing basis. Allowing you to take a hands-free approach to social media advertising.

This is the perfect solution if you want to get into the world of Facebook advertising, but don’t know where to start.

Facebook Advertising – 5-Step Process

At My Dental Marketing, we have developed a proven 5-step process to set up and manage your Facebook advertising

STEP 1. Discover

  1. Assign dedicated Facebook advertising consultant
  2. Understand your business
  3. Current plan review
  4. Identify your goals
  5. Agree on promotional services
  6. Understand the target market and customer profile
  7. Calculate your patient lifetime value
  8. Set Facebook advertising budget

STEP 2. Create

  1. Create a Facebook advertising strategy
  2. Write ad copy
  3. Design advert images
  4. Write copy and design website landing pages

STEP 3. Configure

  1. Set up and configure all necessary technical requirements
  2. Create customised website landing pages for all adverts

STEP 4. Promote

  1. Facebook ads campaign setup and settings
  2. Execute advertising strategy

STEP 5. Review

  1. Monitor & adjust Facebook ads campaigns
  2. Report on results
  3. Expansion of advertising campaigns
  4. Monthly reporting & analysis
  5. Monthly review calls with your dedicated Facebook advertising consultant

Interested In Using Effective Facebook Advertising To Drive Patients To Your Dental Practice?

Contact us or call us on 02  9410 1507 to learn more about Facebook advertising services from My Dental Marketing.
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