Website Support & Maintenance

My Dental Marketing believes in providing you with ongoing maintenance and support for your website

We will

  • Provide ongoing maintenance of your website
  • Train and support you in making the changes to your own website
  • Provide videos of how you can update your website
  • Answer any questions you have about your website or online marketing

How should I maintain my website?

Your website (built with a WordPress CMS), once built, will benefit from several housekeeping tasks – some minor and some more complex.
It is recommend that you update WordPress itself, your website theme and plugins between every two and six months.
We recommend that you back up your website between three and 12 times per year. We backup all websites we design daily, as there’s nothing worse than losing your work.

What happens if a WordPress website is not maintained?

Realistically, neglecting your website leaves it open to a range of problems including:

  • Security loopholes and increased risk of hacking
  • Speed and performance problems
  • Out of date information for your customers
  • Broken links

Delaying software updates is also a false economy – the longer you leave them, the more likely the website is to break when you do apply the updates.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

My Dental Marketing  can offer a choice of support & maintenance options. Please contact My Dental Marketing to find out more about our support & maintenance options.
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