4 Free Dental Marketing Ideas

dental marketing ideasDental Marketing Ideas

In today’s competitive market, dental practitioners must be vigorous with their dental marketing campaigns or risk losing even the share of market they already claim. Technology has taken over the industry and the inception of the internet as a marketing tool now means that all dental practices, big and small, have a fair chance of reaching consumers. Here are 4 dental marketing ideas to help you forge ahead of the competition and get your voice heard.

1.Offer referral bonuses

If a past client refers a patient, offer them a bonus such as a discount on a dental service or a gift. When competition becomes as stiff as it currently is, referrals represent your best route to new patient activity.

There are two benefits of reward programs. First, you’ll be engaging both the new and the old client. Secondly you get the opportunity to endear both clients to your practice.

2.Call patients pre-treatment and post-treatment

Are you calling your patients to welcome them to the practice? Are you welcoming them to the practice a few days in advance? This is a great way to set your practice apart from others and a proven way to reduce new patient failures.

After treatment, you need to call again to say thank you and to ask how they are doing. A call from the dentist is priceless to patients; they value it a lot and will be happy to return in the future. A good time to call is 24 hours after treatment.

3.Get out in your community

While it’s encouraging to target a wide market, the foundation of every business is the people in the local area. You must start treating the clients from your locality as your primary audience and develop a positive image in your community. One way of getting positive recognition in the society is participating in community events such as sponsoring a local league team.

4.Re-evaluate your presence on social media

If you don’t yet have a Facebook page for your practice, you are potentially missing out on a large opportunity. Increasing numbers of people are flocking onto social media and Facebook is the most popular of all social media platforms.

Once you are on social media, be active. Engage your followers; let your audience feel your presence.

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