Website Design

Our services include the development of web applications such as content management systems, e-commerce stores, forums, image galleries and many others to improve website design.

Website Design

Content Management Systems

All of our sites are built with a content management systems (CMS) where you can easily edit web pages via a password protected administration area of the site.

Information is entered via simple intuitive web forms that have been custom designed and the website is updated instantly. By using a database to store information we can arrange the data to be presented in many useful ways and formatted and sorted to best present your information. The CMS is best used where pages in the website change frequently.

Any part of your website design, will be built using a CMS.  All that is required is a web browser and some basic computer knowledge. Our administration is very simple,  you can add your content and still keep the your web pages looking professionally formatted.

Custom Forms

Forms can be used to receive enquiries, build email lists, place orders, provide quotes and many other applications. The data can be emailed to you, stored in a database or both. Forms are the backbone of many websites and allow easy communication with your clients.

Image Galleries

We can create image galleries to show your practice and team. We build galleries that allow your users to open individual images or to scroll through a complete set of images. Download speed is always an important factor in designing a system for your site.

Adding functionality to your site with these web applications can enhance the user experience. An increase in user interactivity leads to longer visit times and increased traffic.

My Dental Marketing will always incorporate the best programming practices to build the right solution for your business.

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