Medical Public Relations

The importance of Dental Public Relations

Providing public relations services to health care, medical and dental professionals.

Dental Public Relations (PR) is not just a tool for big businesses. Single practitioners and small practices can benefit greatly from it – but they’re often restricted by budget and not taken seriously by PR consultancies.

If you’re a small dental health care business wanting to stand out in your industry and attract new customers then look no further.

Medical Public Relations

A Dental Public Relations strategy will help your business use the media to:

  • inform potential customers about a brand new product or service
  • tell the general public or specific target markets about your business and why it’s special
  • shape the way it’s perceived in the eyes of customers and potential customers

Dental Public Relations Services

My Dental Marketing can deliver the following Dental Public Relations services:

1. Positioning yourself / your business as a knowledge expert and spokesperson to relevant media

2. PR strategy and key messages devised to tie in with marketing plans, plus PR schedule detailing monthly media release and messages.

3. Reputation management and monitoring online and offline

4. Communications audit including; messaging, & key PR angles

5. Drafting & final editing media releases per story

6. Distribution of tailored media release and/or pitch to mainstream and industry specific media –print, online media, radio, television.

7. Online distribution to article directories

8. SEO of media release (based on target keywords).

9. Follow up to media contacts.

10. Media liaison — setting up appointments between key specialist/spokesperson and media.

11. Team meetings, and/or call to discuss any clinic events or current angles for media opportunities

12. Media monitoring service (articles will be sent to you as a PDF file)

13. Competitor PR monitoring of major news and published stories

14. Fortnightly report with all interest and activity.

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