Secrets For the Perfect Business Portrait

Business PortraitWe are often asked “Do I need a professional photo

This is an absolute ‘yes‘:

  • You likely have an “About Me” or “About Our Company” or “About Us” page on your website.
  • You certainly have a thumbnail image that you use for your social media profiles.
  • Occasionally you might be asked to be interviewed on a blog, or an article may be written referencing you.

In each of these circumstances, you may want a photo of yourself displayed. In a physically disconnected world, where many of your networks and connections are made online, it’s more important than ever for people to sense your authenticity and your personality

Remember, in the age of Social Media and the internet, it’s really important that you have some good pictures of yourself.  There’s a reason that every Social Media profile asks for a picture, if you are promoting yourself and your business, you need a good professional picture of you.

Can any photographer take my business portrait, or do I need to find someone who specializes in business portraits?

  • Photographers specialize in different areas, so do a little research. If you want your portrait in a park setting, make sure your photographer has experience doing on-location lighting outside.

What type of clothes should I wear?

  • We suggest that you wear clothing that is appropriate to your industry and the message that you want to portray to prospective clients.
  • Keep in mind that fashions change while your photo stays the same – at least for a couple of years.

What type of clothes should I wear?

  • Wear something that fits your form but doesn’t show too much skin.
  • White shirts help brighten and illuminate your face.
  • Avoid shirts or jackets that are the same shade as your hair (ie lighter or darker then your hair)
  • Avoid “loud” patterns or clashing colours.
  • Put a little more make up on than usual and do a quick touch up before the photo shoot. Try to stick to natural colours.
  • If the photos are full-length, make sure your footwear is clean and polished.

How much makeup should I apply?

What about my hair an accessories?

  • Make sure your hair is neat and tidy on the day.
  • Men, have a shave before you go into work and try to book your shoot early in the day to avoid the 5 o’clock shadow stubble.
  • If you’re sporting a beard or mo, neatly trim your facial hair.
  • Check your teeth and make up. We don’t mind waiting while you do a last minute look in the mirror.
  • You can wear your glasses, we have ways to avoid reflections. We also give you the option of having some photos with the glasses and some without.
  • Wear simple jewellery.

What are the best backgrounds for a business portrait?

  • Your location should be as neat and tidy as possible.
  • If you can, remove outdated furnishings and aim for a fresh, modern, professional look minimising the number of colours in your decor
  • Remove any old posters, post it notes and other visual distractions
  • It sometimes takes a fresh pair of eyes to notice things that are out of place so perhaps ask a friend to have a quick look over your location

What to know more?

Read more about our photography services or Contact us. We would love to be able to talk to you about portrait and staff photography for you and your staff.


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