Characteristics of Great Medical and Dental Logo Design

There are many ways to ‘buy’ your medical and dental practice a logo. But there is a difference between an average logo and a great logo. This article explains what you should look for in a great logo.

What Makes a Great Medical and Dental Logo Design


A great medical and dental logo design tells a viewer about whom you are as a professional (or a collective of professionals). Your logo should create brand awareness for your practice, so  that when people see it, they automatically associate the image with your medical or dental business.

Your medical and dental logo design should be :

  • Unique
  • Adaptable
  • Relevant
  • Timeless

medical logo designmedical logo design

Great Medical and Dental Logo Design Traits

Your Logo Design Should Be Unique

A good medical logo stands out among the others in your industry. Companies with great logos do not feel obligated to incorporate overly used icons, like an arrow, globe, hand, heart, teeth and the like. Keep in mind that a logo does not necessarily need convey what your company does. For example, the Starbucks logo isn’t a coffee bean, and Apple’s logo isn’t a computer .

Your Logo Design Should Be Adaptable

When creating a medical and dental design, designers evaluate how it looks on different mediums, such as business cards, billboards, magazine advertisements and company letterhead. When reducing the size of a good logo down, you can scale it down to one inch without compromising any of the design details. Furthermore, a great medical and dental logo that is in color also looks good in black and white, for the times that you need to send a fax or make a photocopy.

How Relevant Is Your Logo?

A great medical and dental logo appeals to a company’s target patient or client, and their culture. At the same time, it must also reflect the organization’s values and culture because the logo design expresses the essence of the company. The colours in a great logo design are thoughtfully planned and echo the services that the organization offers. For example, the color red may not be a wise main-color choice for a medical or dental logo if a company advertises a peaceful experience.

Your Logo Should Be Timeless

Familiarity can breed popularity and prosperity. Take the Australian Medical Association’s logo, for example. It’s a simple cross with Asclepius’ staff and winding serpent standing in the vertical part of the T-shape. By keeping a logo simple, a medical or dental company never has to fear that it will go out of style, and can make simple changes to the design as needed.

dental logo designmedical logo design


The basic act of seeing and understanding a brand is vital. A great medical and dental logo design adds value to a brand, gives it meaning and can bring a sense of satisfaction to a viewer. When an individual looks at an excellent logo, it respects his or her sensibilities and rewards the entrepreneurial venture.

Now you know what a great medical and dental logo should look like. Contact My Dental Marketing today on 02 9410 1507 and find out how you we can create one for your practice.

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