New dental marketing book gives dentists the tools to grow their businesses

New dental marketing book

Dental marketing expert, Carolyn S Dean, has released a definitive new step-by-step dental marketing book for the dental profession.

dental marketing book“Fully Booked – Dental Marketing Secrets for a Full Appointment Book” is breaking new ground by giving dentists the tools to become effective marketers, helping them stand out from the crowd, attract new patients through their doors and keep them coming back.

“Fully Booked – Dental Marketing Secrets for a Full Appointment Book” by Carolyn S Dean

“Fully Booked Dentist” is the first dental marketing book of its kind, written especially to teach dental professionals how to

  • Attract new patients to their dental practice
  • Retain existing patients
  • Grow referrals, using marketing in a structured way to avoid wasting time and money.

This new “how to” guide covers all of the major aspects of traditional and online marketing, tailored to the specific needs of dental practices. With a deep understanding of the unique problems and pain points of dentistry today, it draws on the author’s extensive experience of the marketing strategies and tactics that have met with proven success in this space.

Actionable dental marketing topics demystified

The book explains numerous topics, including marketing planning, practice branding, referrals programs, social media and online marketing.

‘Fully Booked’’ delivers expert information on a straightforward, actionable level making it easy for dental professionals to understand and put it to immediate use in their businesses.

Understanding marketing is critical for today’s dental professionals

The dental profession today is facing more unfamiliar challenges than ever, confronting:

  • Increased competition, both locally and abroad
  • An oversupply of dentists
  • Ever-rising practice operating costs
  • More marketing-savvy patients

To achieve practice success, it is essential to attract and build long-term relationships with patients and prospects who will continue to use a dentist’s services and welcome the opportunity to refer others.

Most dentists have never been taught marketing

Even though they recognise they need to take action to stand out from the crowd, bring new patients through the door and keep them coming back, most dentists have never been taught how.

This is where “Fully Booked” comes in, says Carolyn:

“I have shared my best knowledge, based on my research and experience as a dental marketing professional and I believe that my book will mean the difference between success and failure for any new and experienced dental professionals wishing to grow their practice.”

Where to buy Fully Booked

“Fully Booked – Dental Marketing Secrets for a Full Appointment Book” by Carolyn S Dean is available at

About Carolyn S Dean.

Carolyn S Dean is a widely known dental marketing speaker, trainer and dental marketing consultant.

Carolyn is currently Managing Director at My Dental Marketing, award-winning specialist in marketing services and website design for dental, medical and healthcare professionals, who currently manage a portfolio of over 300 practices. The companies provide marketing solutions solely in the dental and medical space. As a consequence, they have gained a deep understanding of this profession’s problems and pain points.

Originally from the UK, Carolyn has been involved in IT services sales and marketing for over 21 years, working with some of the largest global IT organisations in the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia. Over the last 10 years, she has specialised in the area of the dental, medical and health care profession.

Read more about Carolyn here.

Dental Marketing Book Reviews

“Fully Booked” has been widely welcomed by experts throughout the industry.

Fully Booked – Dental marketing secrets for a full appointment book” provides a step by step guide covering the core fundamentals of a successful dental practice marketing plan. It takes out the complexity and jargon and provides a realistic, tangible and implementable approach for any practice looking for success.

Michael Fahey – National Sales Director, Henry Schein Halas
The advice in ‘Fully Booked’ is spot-on, is specifically tailored to dental practices, and is wonderfully comprehensive. I love the checklists at the end of each chapter, which help you keep up with a lot of detailed, smart and actionable information.

For any dentist concerned with attracting and keeping patients in this day and age, ‘Fully Booked’ is a must-read.

Rob Johnson – Editor, Bite Dental Magazine
I can thoroughly recommend ‘Fully Booked’ by Carolyn S Dean to any dentists who want to get to grips with their dental marketing and understand the essential elements required to promote their practice in the most effective manner.

In my experience of working with Carolyn and recommending her services to Prime Practice clients, I have found her to be an ethical, knowledgeable, and excellent consultant who specialises in dental marketing.

Dr. Phillip Palmer, Chairman, Prime Practice

“Fully Booked”, brings clarity to the murky waters of dental marketing. Her new book is a game changer to dentists in Australia.

Her step by step process and writing style makes “Fully Booked” a joy to read and empowers me to dive in and explore the world of dental marketing so my practice can thrive with me at the helm.

Dr Sara Lonergan, Tooth Sparkler Family Dental Care

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