Dental Facebook Business Pages vs. Facebook Profiles

Facebook Business Pages vs. Facebook Profiles

A dental practice needs a Facebook business page. This is different from your personal profile on Facebook.

Many people start using their personal Facebook profile to talk about their business or career and it’s an easy mistake to make.

Even though many people do this, it is against the Facebook rules.

If you are using a personal profile to represent something other than yourself, for example, to represent your business, you could permanently lose access to your account. That means you have to start over from scratch with everyone. Even your friends.

Instead of using your personal profile, Facebook wants you to use a business page.

It’s not just against the rules. There is also an important practical reason why you shouldn’t talk business on your personal page.

You need to keep your personal conversations with friends and family and have a business conversation with customers and potential customers.

That means having both a personal profile and a business page and having the appropriate conversations on each one.

Facebook Business Page Features & Benefits

There are several reasons why people are reluctant to set up a business page.

  1. You don’t want to start over. When you have a lot of friends, you don’t want to start over with 0 (zero) likes on your business page. This is very real. But the truth is that most of your friends are not your customers. So your high friend count isn’t really the number of people who like your business.

  2. You don’t know anything about business pages or how they work. A lot of what you know from having a personal profile carries over to your business page. But there are new things you need to learn. And in this article series, I’m going to help you learn what you need.

The great news is that Facebook understands what businesses need. They have given business pages an amazing range of features and services that you don’t get with a personal profile.

For example:

   •  You get reports on how many people like and comment on each post.

   •  You can see statistics which posts get the most attention.

   •  You can see what time of day is the best to post to reach the people who like your page.

   •  You can set up ads targeted to reach your ideal customers.

Convert your personal profile to a Facebook Business Page

If you have made this mistake you Facebook have created a procedure to change your personal profile into a business page. This is a great option for some people but there are limitations. Read what Facebook has to say before you decide to take this route.

Create a Facebook Business Page from Scratch

In general, we recommend people set up a separate Facebook business page and leave their personal profile in place. This is where you can find information to create a Facebook Page