Inexpensive Dental Marketing Ideas

Marketing your services as a dental professional doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are four inexpensive dental marketing ideas you can put in place now to bring you more new leads and inquiries.

#1 Set up a Facebook Page

A basic Facebook page for your practice or personal services takes minutes to set up and costs nothing. By including key contact information and your regular business hours, you can make the page “evergreen” to prospects and readily available to search engines.

#2 Launch your own e-newsletterdental marketing

E-newsletters can be extremely effective as a dental marketing idea. They are great at bringing in new patients and keeping your practice top-of-mind with current patients. Fill your e-newsletter with updates about your practice, simple tips for good health, and breaking news in your industry. If you have patient testimonials or success stories, these are also great e-newsletter features.

We recommend you send it out at least once a month. Make the tone of your e-newsletter personal and conversational. By doing so you make it easier for patients to continue to feel like they have a strong connection to your practice, even if they haven’t been in for an appointment in months.

#3 Use appointment letters

Appointment no-sale letters are follow-up notes sent to prospects who’ve come in for a consultation but not booked a recommended treatment.

This simple piece of dental marketing reminds prospects that you’re available and can provide them with the high-quality care they need. Research has shown that you can recapture up to 10% of “lost” leads by sending out these letters.

Ideally, these follow-up notes should be sent out a week to 10 days after the initial consultation. They can be email follow-ups, but they’re often more effective when mailed. Try both ways to see what form of dental marketing works best in your area. And, if you’d like to add an extra purchase incentive, test including a coupon or treatment discount.

#4 Send physical thank-you notes

Last but not least, send physical thank-you notes to patients after a service. They’re unexpected, cost no more than the price of a card and a stamp, and in modern mailboxes that are usually stuffed with impersonal junk mail, physical thank-you cards make your practice stand out in a positive way that patients are likely to mention to their friends and family.

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