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Is Your Practice Ready To Get Serious About Social Media Marketing?

Are your practice’s social media efforts struggling? Or perhaps you haven’t even dipped a toe in the water yet.  No problem.

Wellsites have partnered with My Social Practice to bring Australian dentists social media support that ensures your practice’s social media marketing success in 10 minutes a day.

About My Social Practice

My Social Practice is the only dental-exclusive social media company providing affordable, highly creative ideas, content and strategy.
Social Media Success In 10 Minutes A Day

  • Fresh Concepts, Images, and Copywriting That Makes YOUR PRACTICE Shine – We focus on making YOU look good.
  • Partner With The Thought Leaders – We save you time and hassle. My Social Practice are specialists in dental social media marketing. It’s all we do. It shows in the quality of our programs.
  • Creativity With Purpose – Actionable strategies and tactics that grow your business.

Outstanding One-On-One Support

  • Consistency That’s Critical For Success – My Social Practice keep your social media efforts consistent—regardless of your level of participation. With your own Social Media Consultant there to help you.
  • Be Accountable – Success comes through the combined efforts of our company and your practice. You’re never alone in doing your part.

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Contact Wellsites to find out more about becoming a My Social Practice client.

Learn more about getting social media ideas, content, strategy and support at an extremely affordable price for your practice.

If you are interested in building your practice using social media please contact Wellsites at

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The 5 Things Every Practice Should Know About Dental Social Media Marketing

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Learn about each of the five “must-have” components of successful dental social media marketing : 1) In-Practice Support, 2) Participation, 3) Content, 4) Online Tools, and 5) Consistency.

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