Patient Forms

A website doesn’t just have to look good, it also helps if it works hard. Not merely attracting new patients, but supporting the one’s you have.

On-line patient forms provide an easy, affordable and secure way for health care, medical and dental practices to communicate with patients while protecting client information.

Hence your website could benefit from a wealth of features, including:

  • Registration and information forms
  • Appointment requests
  • Appointment management
  • Messaging to doctor(s) and staff
  • Lab results
  • Prescription repeat requests
  • Pre procedure information
  • Links
  • Information on medical conditions
  • Billing and payment
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Form Benefits

Improved Workflow

Automated, customized message routing directs each type of form results message to the most appropriate staff member that you determine. Completion of secure online form eases the workflow issues in your office.


  • Patients can make online requests such as appointment requests, prescription renewals and referral requests.
  • Office staff can then efficiently process these requests at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Online pre-registration allows you to check eligibility of insurance information prior to patient visits.
  • Online forms save patient and office staff time.
  • Securely ask questions of billing staff and nursing staff.
  • Opportunity to capture email addresses for practice announcements or communication.

Structured Content

Using our forms ensures that you collect the information that you need, in the format that you require. This helps to reduce call backs and make your practice operate more efficiently when processing patient requests.

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