Dental Logo Design

ozone-portfolioThe foundation of your dental practice brand is your dental logo design and it is a critical aspect of your practice marketing. Your dental logo design establishes your identity. A dental logo is intended to be the ‘face’ of a company and is your practice’s major graphical representation. A logo anchors a practice’s brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation of your practice. For this reason, a well-designed logo is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy.

A dental logo provides essential information about a company that allows customers to identify with the company’s core brand. It is a shorthand way of referring to your practice in advertising and marketing materials; it also provides an anchor point for the various fonts, colours, and design choices in all other business marketing materials.

Having just any logo, however, is not enough to create a brand identity for you. A badly thought up logo can very easily destroy the image of your practice. On the other hand, a carefully designed logo can reach the public and communicate to them the worth of your practice. Therefore, everything depends on the design of your logo.

So invest the time in developing a great dental logo for your practice.


dental logo design Our dental logo design process

Phase 1: Research & brainstorming
This phase includes assessment of your design brief and discussion with your to further understand your needs. Our designer then researches your competitors, considers options for colours, typography and visual styling to suit your brief.

Phase 2: Concept development
The designer brainstorms concepts, often starting with hand drawn sketches.

We then digitally create a range logo options for your feedback.

Phase 3: Revisions
We then create multiple revisions based on your feedback. Our designers are very happy to consider suggestions to try elements from one logo on another, try different colours, font combinations etc.

Phase 4: Final design
Once the design was finalised we create a ‘logo kit’ that incorporates several different versions of the logo in different digital formats to be applied to any media, including JPEG, PDF and EPS.

Depending on your requirements we can then create a branding package including business card, letterhead, brochure or other material as needed.
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