Dental Marketing Health Check

Dental Marketing Health Check




  • Not sure what is working and what isn’t working with your dental practice marketing?
  • Don’t know where you should focus your time, money and effort?
  • Want to know the highest priorities to focus on?
  • Want to identify what you are missing with your dental marketing?

We will deliver a comprehensive dental practice health check of your current dental practice marketing. Receive an evaluation of your current marketing situation, what is working well and what you should focus on in the future for maximum return and impact. We will then call to discuss your marketing strategy recommendations and follow up again in a month to review your progress.

Dental Marketing Health Check:

  • Find out what is and isn’t working with your marketing.
  • Understand what needs to be improved with your website and online marketing.
  • Get a prioritised list of recommendations improve your practice marketing.
  • Have 3 x calls with a My Dental Marketing consultant

Our Five Step Process

The health check is delivered using the following five-step process:

1- Questionnaire

We will email you some questions about your current marketing and your objectives. You can also send through any additional information, images and marketing collateral you have that are relevant. We will review all this information prior to our first call.

2 –Discovery Call

Next you will have a 30-minute phone call with a My Dental Marketing consultant. In this call we will discuss your current marketing situation and goals. This will include what marketing you have tried in the past, your greatest marketing challenges and your competitive environment.

3 – Marketing Health Check Report

We will produce a personalised written marketing report documenting our assessment of your current marketing and our recommendations for you. It will detail what we believe is and isn’t working with your marketing, what needs to be improved and a prioritised action plan of what areas you should focus on. This report will be provided in a PDF file with clear notes and recommendations documented throughout.

4 –Strategy Call

We will then have a second call (45 minutes) with a My Dental Marketing consultant to discuss provide guidance on your overall practice marketing. We will answer any questions you have about your report and provide any additional guidance you need regarding your marketing. You will then know you are heading in the right direction and can take action on your dental marketing plans.

5 – Progress Call

Six weeks later we will have another call. This will be a further 30 minutes where we will check in on your progress, review what you have achieved, provide guidance on any challenges you are experiencing and identify any additional help you need.