How to Promote Your Facebook Page

Now that youve built your Page, you need to focus on attracting some fans and promote your Facebook page. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

facebookCreate an engaging Page.

Use applications like the discussion board and YouTube video box to add more interesting and engaging content to your Page. Give users a reason to become a fan of your Page and engage with you. More advanced Facebook users can add custom pages to their Page using iFrames. (More Info Here)

Leverage the viral nature of Facebook – the News Feed.

The added benefit of creating an engaging page is that every time a fan engages with your page – from becoming a fan to posting a comment to attending an event – that activity is published to their “News Feed” which can be seen by their friends on Facebook. When a user first logs into Facebook, they see a feed of their friends? recent activity, so the activity of your fans on your Page gets shared with a greater network, giving your business more visibility.

Draw on your existing network.

You most likely already have email subscribers and blog readers – so make sure they know they can now become a fan of your business on Facebook. Consider emailing your opt-in mailing list, including a link to your page in your email signature, blogging about your Facebook page, and posting a link or badge to your Page on your website or blog.

Make your Page publicly searchable.

By default, your Page will be public so it can get indexed by search engines and give you the opportunity to drive organic search traffic to your Page. If you don?t notice your Page showing up in searches, make sure you have set it to be publicly indexed and searchable. Go to “Edit Page,” click “Manage Permissions” and make sure “Page Visibility” box is un-checked. This will make it publicly visible.

Use Facebook Ads for an extra push.

Facebook ads allow you to advertise a website or other properties on Facebook, including Pages, Groups, and Events. If you’re familiar with Google AdWords, the system for building and running ads on Facebook is very similar.

Check out the My Dental Marketing Facebook Page ( for examples.

Feel free to also become a fan to get updates about future resources and events!



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