Beginners SEO Tips And Tricks

seo-tips-tricksYou hear a lot of people talking about search engine optimization (SEO) these days and if you are like most people you think you know what it means but what do you really know? Maybe you know some basic SEO tips and tricks but do you really understand why it works or how it has changed over time?

It used to be that you could just dump a bunch of keywords behind the scenes of your website and that was all you needed but search engines have gotten much more sophisticated. Now they send out web crawlers that look at the specific content of your site and index it accordingly. it ranks you in the search results based on what it finds within all of the content on your web page. This includes words, pictures and videos.

Here are a couple SEO basic seo tips and tricks that will help get your health practice moving in the right direction online.

Add a Blog

Blogging on your website is probably the best way to cheaply and effectively create original content on a regular basis. The search engines look for regular content updates so post articles that you write or interesting articles you find online regularly. Not only does blogging make the search engines happy but it gives you credibility online as you share your knowledge and expertise online. The more people searching for your content the faster your web presence will grow.

Use Pictures and Video

Search engines love pictures and video. On average sites with video keep the users attention for more than 5 minutes as compared to 45 seconds for no video. There are millions of sites out there and people are not going to spend time on your site if all they see is a bunch of words when they get to your home page.

Now that you have the basics down you can start working on making revisions to your online content. Hopefully you now have a little better understanding of the basics of SEO. There are a lot of other things to consider when it comes to truly optimizing your site for the search engines and you should definitely consider consulting a professional if you really want your SEO efforts to pay off. That doesn’t mean you should let that stop you from trying these out on your own new and fresh content can only help bring more traffic to your website.

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