Mobile Website Design

My Dental Marketing specialise in mobile website development.

Mobile devices outsell desktop and notebook computers and they are increasingly being used as the first option when conducting web searches particularly when the user is out-and-about. In today’s online world, more people will use mobile devices than PC to get online.

Your website, therefore, needs to be usable with current and future mobile devices to ensure your customers can find you wherever they are.  can design your website to automatically display optimised viewing layouts for visitors using smart phones.

We ensure the website is designed for viewing on any device regardless of the screen size with particular attention to how it looks on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad.

Mobile Website Design

How Mobile Websites Work

We add a customized script to your mobile website design which detects users who are using mobile devices. Once a visitor is detected that is using a mobile device to browse your website, they are redirected to the mobile version of your site.

Contact us and find out how you can get a mobile dental or medical website design for your business.

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