Why Use A Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is critical to the success of your health care, medical or dental website and intranet. Yet many people  are not familiar with this technology.

Below is an outline of common  website problems, our solutions, and some of the many benefits you will gain using our website CMS technology for your health care, medical or dental website.

 The Business Problem

The biggest cost associated with most business websites is not the initial development, but rather the ongoing support and maintenance. We can’t count the number of times we’ve heard health care professionals say to us, “my old developer charged me $100 to change one word on my website!” And what if you want another developer to work on your site instead? Oh, you can’t because the site is developed on a proprietary platform, and only your current developer can make changes.

This is because many small or older websites websites are built using static webpages. These webpages use computer code that is difficult to access on web servers and is virtually impossible to edit without special software and training. Thus, static websites are difficult and expensive to maintain.

  • No updating – static sites are difficult and/or impossible to update
  • Your website quickly becomes out of date and an embarrassment to your health care business
  • No search function – users cannot search your site to find the content they are looking for
  • Your website cannot grow and change as your health care business changes.
  • Limited features – user login, forums, mailing lists, and calendar features require custom code and are expensive to implement.

The Solution

To solve this website design and maintenance problem, a new technology called a Content Management System (CMS) was developed. We use the WordPress CMS for all of our  health care, medical or dental website designs

A CMS uses a database to store, retrieve, and edit the content of your website. Each page of your site is stored as simple text – making it easy to edit, search, and manipulate. The CMS database allows for additional features to be easily integrated into the website: user login and passwords, events and calendars, blogs, news feeds, and much more.

Our Solutions

  • All of our websites are created using WordPress, the most popular and easy to use  content management system (CMS)
  • If you have an existing website we can move  your existing content into a CMS based website
  • We train and support you and your staff  to use the CMS and update your website yourself

The Benefits

Your site’s content will be displayed using current web standards. This increases accessibility and makes your content more “future proof”

Your website can grow and change as your health business grows.

  • Room to grow – Easily add functionality and features when you and your business are ready, set up blogs and newsletters for your growing content, have users subscribe to newsletters, and much more
  • You are not trapped with a single web developer – WordPress is an open source software product understood by thousands of users and developers.

Many Users, Many Places

You can have  multiple users for your website. This means

  • The ability to update and change your content anytime using a web browser
  • You can have multiple users who can change your website if you wish (you and your staff)
  • Your site is backed up on a secure server with multiple redundancies.

 Climb the Search Results

Our CMS software  makes it easier to optimize your search engine results. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google results , which means people are more likely to find you.

Want More Information?

If you would like to see how easy it is to change a website page – have a look at our support website.

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