5 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Website Design

If you don’t introduce a mobile website design now, You’ll regret it later.

Mobile Website DesignIt’s not enough to have a great website design if you can’t get people to see it the way it was meant to be viewed.  Over 85% of smartphone users use their phones to access the internet, and that’s just too many potential customers to risk using poor dental website design.  A mobile website design for your dental or medical practice will make sure you reach the people you need to and get your message across clearly.  Here are five reasons why a website with a mobile website design optimized for smartphones is essential for your business.

1.  A mobile website design widens your audience

With so many people relying on their smartphones for on the go internet access, many of them are also using the phones to find medical, healthcare or dental providers.  Making your website easily available on the go ensures you are seen by more people and puts across the message that you are concerned with being easily available to your patients, even when they are keeping busy with life.

2. It helps you get your message across

When potential customers pull up your site on their mobile device, is it just a squished up version of your main website?  Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices can look unprofessional and be hard to read, sending customers the message that you don’t care enough about them to bother with offering a professional mobile website design to meet their needs.  If you can’t provide a good experience when they are looking at your website, can they be assured you will offer the best dental services?

3. Fewer walkaways due to poor website design

Half the battle of building a successful medical or dental practice is getting the patients in the door.  If a potential customer accesses your website and it is hard to read or unprofessional in its layout and design they are much more likely to just click out and look for another site that meets their mobile needs.  This can lose you a lot of potential customers, and earn you a reputation as someone who is behind the times when it comes to technology.

4. Your patients will appreciate it

Mobile website designs are designed to take the best parts of your main website and simplify them down, making them look fantastic on mobile devices.  This also makes it easier for busy people on the go to just scan your site and easily find the information they need in order to contact your practice and make appointments.  People like anything that makes life easier, and good mobile website design will definitely show your patients you care enough to make getting in to see the dentist just a little less stressful.

5.  It will improve your reputation

Having a great mobile website design will show that you are tech savvy enough to realize that the world runs on mobile technology.  Having a well-designed website is good, but also having a great mobile website design is much better.  It reassures your customers that you are technologically current as well as customer oriented, and that is a winning combination.

Start with a well-designed main website, but don’t stop there.  In order to compete in today’s busy economy you need to utilize every tool at your disposal to reach potential customers and make yourself available to them when they need you, wherever they may be.  A mobile website design isn’t just an optional extra, it’s an essential tool that can mean the difference between customers staying on your site long enough to make contact with you, and customers who simply click away.

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