Why you need to build a great team for your medical practice

Building and maintaining a great medical team is one of the most important components of your medical practice marketing. The bottom line is that an experienced and well-informed medical team goes a long way to maintaining a happy practice environment and contented patients.

What your patients experience when coming to your practice is based on the attitude and approach of your staff. If they seem happy, satisfied staff, then they’re likely to be contented and satisfied patients.

Once you’ve hired the right team, you should focus on consistently looking after your team members by:

  • Training staff to keep their clinical, business and soft skills up to to date.
  • Listening to your staff in regular and structured staff meetings.
  • Showing gratitude to your staff, enhancing employee loyalty and commitment.

Successful business leaders recruit, train, and lead productive, principled, and passionate teams.

Do you need a marketing coordinator for your medical practice?

Many practices struggle to implement effective medical marketing programs because they lack the necessary manpower. Medical professionals often take on this role and fail because they simply do not have time to maintain a consistent, long-term, internal medical marketing program.

Medical marketing should be the responsibility of a medical marketing coordinator. This is a team member who can dedicate a number of hours to creating and implementing the appropriate strategies. With the medical professional seeing patients all day, he or she doesn’t have the time to also successfully promote the practice. This position is incredibly important, as most medical marketing programs cannot reach their full potential without one. Practices need to use a minimum of ten ongoing marketing strategies; to do this successfully, there needs to be a medical marketing coordinator.

Your medical marketing coordinator will work with your marketing coach or consultant and should handle 90% of the medical marketing program, with other staff members participating on a patient-by-patient basis.

Preparing your team

Preparation is all about communication. Medical marketing campaigns are more successful if your entire team is aware of each program’s goals and what’s involved in each initiative.

Ensure everyone knows what medical marketing campaigns are running. They should understand and be able to articulate what makes your practice different and its key attributes. Your entire staff should be able to respond to questions about your practice accurately and confidently.

It takes time to build medical marketing awareness and it will be a team effort, but this will have a significant impact on response.
Encourage existing patients and team members to take promotional offers and referral cards to hand out to family, friends, and to local business owners. Thank everyone for their support.