Creating the right dental branding for your practice

dental brandingYour dental practice brand

Dental branding is an incredibly important aspect of your practice. An effective brand strategy helps you to differentiate yourself from your competition, to stand out from the crowd, and to articulate your values. Your practice brand is what you communicate visually and verbally to your patients and community.

To build and maintain a strong brand, you will need to be consistent in your branding in every point of contact patients have with you.

Key elements of your dental branding

Every possible contact and piece of communication with a customer or potential customer should reinforce your dental branding. The main elements that make up your practice brand are:

  • Your dental practice name
  • Any slogans or taglines you use
  • Your dental logo design
  • Your premises
  • How you and your employees dress
  • Your dental website design
  • The style and quality of your practice stationery – business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Where and how you advertise

Developing a brand personality

Businesses, like people, have distinct personalities that create customer experiences. A set of human characteristics can be attributed to a brand and this is known as the brand personality.

Your brand personality is something to which your patients can relate. An effective brand will increase its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits. This is the added-value that a brand gains, aside from its functional benefits.

Think about your dental practice as a person and what personality traits it would exhibit, such as caring, fun, rule breaking, understanding, expert, independent, etc. Then look at your logo, your tag line, and the language that you use in dental marketing your practice and see if these are all in line with your branding personality.

The importance of your dental logo design

The foundation of your brand is your dental logo and it is a critical aspect of your dental marketing. Your logo design establishes your identity. A dental logo design is intended to be the ‘face’ of a company and is your dental practice’s major graphical representation. A dental logo anchors a practice’s brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation of your practice. For this reason, a well-designed dental logo is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy.

A logo provides essential information about a company that allows customers to identify with the company’s core brand. It is a shorthand way of referring to your dental practice in advertising and marketing materials; it also provides an anchor point for the various fonts, colours, and design choices in all other business-marketing materials.

So invest the time in developing a great dental logo design for your practice.

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